Library Memories…

I have finally earned my official “Librarian credentials” this year, my MSIS (Master of Science in Information Studies) and realized that I haven’t really posted here about my experiences working in public libraries. As I thought about what I would most like to share, I looked through the few images I had saved.

Clockwise: 1) Springtime terrariums, 2) Winter fun “Once Upon a Time” (Oil-pan/Magnet storyboard for interactive play), 3 &4) kids and volunteers having fun in our play area, 5) parting gift from a Stitch Night friend, 6) Yoda hat made at Stitch Night, 7) weeded books to send home with some summer helpers. Center: Linda Wertheimer interviewing members of our Stitch Night community about the upcoming (2012) election.

Working at Fairfield library introduced me to some of the very best people in Richmond. We earned each other’s trust over books and programming, hot cups of tea and shared goodies, hospitality, homework and resumé writing. I was inspired by many patrons and their ability to overcome steep obstacles. We endured some challenging times together – many were single mothers, just like I was. The determination and perseverance I witnessed inspired me to leave behind self doubt, and get to a place where I could make a bigger difference in the world.

When it came time for me to leave because I had decided to go back to school and earn my credentials, many members of the community came to wish me well. Those families continue to be an inspiration to me to advocate for the under served and provide opportunities beyond the library.

Fairfield Library has a new building, completed in 2019. Though I know it is beautiful and a dream come true for the community, I will always love and miss the old Fairfield, and the community that fostered in me the desire to do more with my life.

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